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Olive Branch Christian Church

( Disciples Of Christ ) ----- "In God We Trust"
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Prayer List:   (Revised - 5/3/2016)


Our Church Family:

Pat Herbig, Brian & Diana Smith, Joan Tomamichel, JoAnn Birtchman,

Jean & John Carson, Mary Anderson, Joyce Roe, Linda Emery, Pat Chastain, 

Phyllis Bergdoll, Stella Eaton, Rhonda Johnson, Jim Land. 


Friends of the Church:


Patricia Rock, Amber Johnson, Trina Huber, Tina Scruggs, Mr. Campbell, JJ Brazell,

Jim Eads, Jackie Willson, Mason Stanley, Tim Eads, Mark Bunny, Jim Pruett, the families

at Riley Children’s Hospital & victims of violence, disasters & war. 


Nursing Home, Rehab Centers, or Shut-ins:


Barb & Jim Farley, Roland & Pat Chastain, John Carson, Mildred Martin, Dorothy Uncles, Phyllis Bergdoll, Mickey Emery, Maxine Tutterrow.


In the Military:


Joshua Boone, Donald David, George Farley, Adam Gosset, Charlie Hampton, Lawton Link, Shaun Manuel, Tiffany & Jeremy Mark, David Miller, Annie Mulrooney, Darrin Nuckols, Kraig Roberts.


Our Deepest Sympathy to: 

The Family's of Mickey Emery, Karen Willet, and Evelyn Dietz.


(Please place in writing names you wish included on the prayer list)   


Worship For May 2016: 



Lay Leader:  




Last Week Attendance                       -  46
Average Weekly Attendance 2016    -  45

Average Weekly Attendance 2015    -  41

Average Weekly Attendance 2014    -  40

Average Weekly Attendance 2013    -  47

Average Weekly Attendance 2012    -  49


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